Residence on Capitol Lake | Olympia, WA | 2007 | Design. See more.

Sutton Residence| Sedona, AZ |Management Consultant

Williams Residence| Seattle, WA, |Owner, Speakerlab

Foster Residence | Clyde Hill, WA | Realtor, Bellevue

Fink 1| Seattle, WA, |Real Estate Speculator 

Everson Residence| Seattle, WA  |Creator of Pictionary Game

Snyder 1 | Seattle, WA | Small Business Owner - Shoe Stop

Snyder 2 | Seattle, WA

Lovins Residence |                 Seattle, WA | Owner  Garment Sewing Contractor

Shaw Residence| Seattle, WA | Owner of Speakerlab

Bodine Residence | Redmond, WA | EPA Inspector

Michaelinko  Residence| Seattle, WA |General Contractor

Hammond Residence | Seattle, WA | Medical School Professor

Sinn/Bertchi Residence  | Seattle, WA | State Insurance Commissioner

Icicle River Home| Levenworth WA |Real Estate Developer

Rolstad Residence| Seattle, WA | Artist & Owner of Banner Works

Copland  Residence| Seattle, WA | Financial Advisor

Seward Park Residence | Seattle, WA |Computer systems designer Boeing

Crossen   Residence| Seattle, WA | Phone Co executive

Westgate Residence| Sahalee, WA | School Teacher

Stiener Residence | Camano Island, WA | Electrical Contractor


Gislason Residence | Seattle, WA | Apartment Developer            

Blackburn Residence| Seattle, WA | Advertising Executive

Grandston Residence| Bothell, WA | Owner University Mechanical

Guliani/Roven Residence| Mercer Island, WA | Inventor of Sonic Toothbrush

Pete Dawson Residence| Bellingham, WA |General Contractor

Williams Residence| Bellevue, WA | Real Estate Developer

Lehman Residence| Seattle WA | Graphic Designer

Pollock Residence| Seattle, WA | Architect



Lake Wash. Blvd   | Seattle, WA

House A, B, and C | Seattle, WA

Rean 1, 2, and 3 | Seattle, WA

Reedy, Lake View | Seattle, WA

Bain 1, 2 and 3 | Seattle, WA

Washington Park A and B | Seattle , WA