Seattle, WA | 2006

35,000 SM | 372,000 SF

Architect: Mulvanny G2 Architecture

Key Personnel:  Warren Pollock, Design Principal and Commercial Studio Lead; Ted Caloger, Principal, Andres Villaveces, Lead Designer; Tibor Nagy, Project Manager; Andre Taybron, Designer

The project features a 25-story residential tower and a 10-story tower with double-height lofts that face Freeway Park. The two towers are connected through skybridges. The project includes a total of 294 units, two roof-top gardens, a theatre, a fitness center, artwork, a private courtyard. More importantly, the design incorporates an new pedestrian walkway that revitalizes a neglected area of Freeway Park by creating a major access. The project was unanimously approved by the City of Seattle.