Saravena, Colombia | 2005 

10,025 SM | 108,000 SF


Key Personnel: Gustavo Duque, P.L. Sorzano, Laura Acevedo

The purpose of this project was to reinforce the weak position of the Colombian Army in the Border with Venezuela, This area was under control by Colombian Guerillas and the construction of this base was ultimately key for the success of the Colombian Armed Forces in regaining control of the region allowing for commercial operations to go back to normal in this oil-rich area of the country.

The project had enormous challenges. First, the logistic constraints of shipping materials and equipment to an isolated site with very dangerous access routes. And second, the incredible aggresive timeline: the project had to be ready for occupancy just 8 months after Notice to Proceed. 

The project was designed and delivered on time following design/build fast track methods and remains to date as an example of quality and functionality. 

The project was physically divided in two areas and separated by Bastion Security Walls that surrounded each compound. The largest area houses the airfield and maintenance facilities, and the smaller area has 3 accommodation buildings and one administrative building.

The Airfield program included a fueling system, 2 heliports and 8 helipads, associated taxiways, arm / disarm helicopter pads and ammunition storage, a maintenance hangar with workshops and offices, exterior offices and shops, a helicopter maintenance parking and wash rack, warehouse, and a hazardous materials storage building. The brief for the Airfield Accommodation and Administration Wing included 3 accommodation buildings, an administrative building and support facilities.