Olive 8

Seattle, Washington | 2009

55,740 SM | 599,990 SF

Architect: Gluckman Mayner, Design Architect. MulvannyG2 Architecture, Architect of Record.

Key Personal: Richard Gluckman, Gerry Geron, Craig Davenport, Ted Caloger, Warren Pollock

The project is  combination of a hotel and a residential condominium use, which allows residents access to hotel  services including room service, swimming pool, exercise facilities, cleaning service, valet parking and more. 

This LEED Silver-certified project features a 778 SM green roof. With 39 stories above grade and 4 levels below grade, the building has 229 residential apartments on 22 floors and 350 key hotel on 17 levels, and has a total height of 455 feet / 138 m. The glass façade has white dot frit of varying opacity to condition the natural light and provide privacy to Hotel interior spaces without the use of blinds or curtains, and a restrained pallet of materials creates a sophisticated and refreshing image in the dense urban center of Seattle. The building has Italian made deep blue glass guardrails and cornice details to provide a unique identifiable presence in the night-time skyline.