Seattle, Washington | 2006

85,000 SM | 925,000 SF

Architect: Mulvanny G2 Architecture

Key Personnel:  Warren Pollock, Design Principal and Commercial Studio Lead; Andres Villaveces, Lead Designer.

Seattle, WA | 200652,000 SM | 560,000 SF

The conceptual design for this 50-story residential tower reorganizes shared and public amenities into social clusters, and arranges them according to scale, views, sunlight and program. The social clusters are organized around a certain specific number of units, thus fostering a sense of community. This arrangement also enables all occupants to visit the different clusters in the building, extending the logics of ownership from the individuality of the unit into the collectiveness of the tower. The building has repetitious interior components yet incorporates flexibility as it allows for units to decrease or increase in area and program to respond to changing market conditions, while coordinated to achieve full vertical stacking. This vertical stacking of pre-designed, variying unit modules creates maximum flexibility with program mix and high efficiency with the design of  facade elements, MEP systems, prefabricated systems and construction.