Melgar, Colombia | 2003

472 SM | 5,080 SF 

Architect: CCE

Key Personnel: Felipe Martin, Gustavo Duque, P.L. Sorzano

The project consists of a simple building with three components. The first is the core of the building, a 14 meter height warehouse type room with enough volume to accommodate two UH-1 Helicopter Flight Simulator Suites. The second component is the support utilities area in the back of the simulators, that houses the hydraulic equipment and substation/generator rooms. These two areas are connected to each other by a significant amount of duct banks embedded in the floor slab that channel all the hydraulic connections between the simulators and the hydraulic pumps. The third component is the public front area with offices for the Simulator Manager and Instructors, a Briefing/Classroom area, a debriefing room and a shop for maintenance personnel including a storage room. All these spaces are serviced by a Lobby area with a reception counter and restrooms.

The architectural challenge was to make sure that every detail was carefully thought and master the use of simple materials such as concrete, masonry and cement Plaster, to achieve a simple but clean and balanced design.