Seattle, WA | 2006

85,000 SM | 925,000 SF

Architect: Mulvanny G2 Architecture

Key Personnel:  Ming Zhang, Partner; Warren Pollock, Design Principal and Commercial Studio Lead; Andres Villaveces, Lead Designer; Peter Sherrill, Designer

The project includes two towers - one hotel, one residential, both 47 stories - conceived as a single project and designed in a combination of transparent, translucent, and opaque glass with solid cast-in-place concrete. The solid concrete walls anchor both building cores towards the center of the project where visibility is minimal, and open the rest of buildings towards a 360-degree view of the skyline. The concrete walls fold at the building top to provide cover for the roof-top terraces and create a signature presence in the city skyline.

The project location in the heart of downtown Seattle has challenging  site and code limitations.  The floor plan configurations are the result of many factors.  A balance is struck between large window areas for view and light, and size restrictions in the interest of low energy consumption and fire safety. Window placement is influenced by the context and location of surrounding buildings and the changing outlook as the floors get higher off the ground.  The steps in the facade are integrated into the structural column support system for constructability and efficiency.The site limited open space at street level, and exterior public space is provided in the skygardens, located at the upper building levels. These terraces will enjoy retail and entertainment amenities and will provide unparalleled views of the city skyline, the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains.

Main Elevation