Bellevue Towers

Bellevue, WA | 2009

139,400 SM | 1,500,000 SF

Architect: MulvannyG2 Architecture with GBD Architects.

Key Personnel : Ming Zhang, Greg Krape, Kant Chutikul, Warren Pollock, Gary Anderson.

The twin 42 and 43-story towers are in the center of Bellevue WA, on a prime site adjacent to several high-
rise office buildings. The buildings were completed in 2009 and have a height of 137-meter (450ft).

When construction started in 2007, it was the largest single residential building project in the Northwest at $436,000,000. The 545-unit development reflects the changing regional housing pattern from suburban to urban and includes more than 1,700 SM (19,000 SF) of retail and restaurant space and parking for more than 880 cars. The towers are shifted off the street grid to align with the central city park. As the city grows and the skyline matures, this relationship will gain significance. The developer was an early pioneer of the LEED classification program, and the project achieved a LEED Gold certification.