Ayacucho, Peru | 2008

9,100 SM | 97,000 SF


Key Personnel:  P.L. Sorzano, Maria C. Mora. 

Design/Build of the new compound-base for the Peru National Police (PNP) at Huamanga-Ayacucho, Peru. This project was part of a donation from the US Department of State, under the premise to maximize the budget by using local man power and materials as much as possible. The base includes accommodations, instruction classrooms, administrative and support facilities to sustain the PNP programs operating in this part of the country. The client asked for the building to be finished in red and white - the colors of the Peruvian flag. 

The compound is divided in 3 areas - A Sub-Officers Academy, NAS Facilities and the Police Base.

The Sub-Officers Academy includes an accommodations area with bathrooms and laundry for men, women and instructors; a cafeteria and a dining room with kitchen facilities for officers, instructors and cadets; classrooms, administrative facilities and sporting areas, 

The NAS Facilities includes two buildings, one for NAS Offices and personnel accommodation; and one building for operation, security and maintenance personnel.

The Police Base includes an accommodations area that has four buildings for male and female personnel, one building housing administrative facilities, and a two-story building that includes a gym, dining facilities, a cafeteria,  and recreation area and lounge areas.