Austin Cottage

74 SM | 800 SF

Seattle, Wa 

The project is a Backyard Cottage behind the main family residence. It is located at the eastern edge of the property to face the existing backyard. 

Ample storage significantly improves living quality in small spaces. The eastern wall of the Cottage, which faces the adjacent property becomes a full-height, full-length storage wall to make the best use of the limited available area. Closets, kitchen appliances and general storage will all be concealed within the storage wall. The living/dining area will enjoy a double height space with skylights and louvers to control southern light. The pitched roof is in harmony with the existing homes in the surrounding neighborhood, and provides better views of the sky from the backyard. A continuous clerestory provides northern light through the length of the cottage above the storage wall. 

The maximum area of the cottage will be 74 SM / 800 SF as per local regulations.